save your time and optimize the job when using mobileEx

Here i will explain in step to save your time and optimize the job when using mobileEx, specially with ‘Nokia Tool’.

– Always select correct ‘Generation’ first before any operation.
– Always Use “Scan” if you’re working with non dead phone, this will help mobileEx to use ‘correct’ spesific setting for any phones attached to box.
– Make sure phone is in correct mode for any FBUS/NON flashing operation,
example: in Tuning & Testing page phone should be in TEST MODE, else will be best if the phone is in LOCAL MODE.Do phone mode change manually if needed.
– For any operation, specially newly released phones, its better to save its security data (RPL + full pm) first before you do anything else.
– if you noticed, there was a differences of flashing speed between FlashID/Manufacturer
the option ‘Fast flash’ should not be enabled for flash chip “INTEL”
– if you need only to change the language, select file setting as NORMAL. then check ‘Language Only” should do the job
– “Safe Flash” will save RPL backup from flash mode(even a DEAD one except ASIC11 phones).
– Use “Restart” button every time you need to refresh the connection or restart the phone.
– Use “…”(Read Phone Mode) button at the right of the phone mode combo to check if the phone if connected and synchronized.
– mobileEx loads your selected “Products” folder to the phone model list, so make sure you have set the correct folder (“Options”).

Nokia Service Tool Configuration:

– Open mobileEx.exe
– Choose interface(UFS/JAF/MTBOX/..), Push “Connect”
– Click on the “star” logo, this is “Appl Modules Loader”, Choose “Nokia Service Tool”.
– Wait for few second, until Nokia window is loaded.
– Click on “quote” logo (at the right side of the star logo), Choose “Config”.
this is the Main Configuration Settings for Nokia.

~General Settings
– Imei Changes
Tick this if you want to use the Imei changes features (check you country law first !!!)
– Auto Backup important data on “BUS Check” (for DCT4 only)
When doing BUS check, RPL will be back up.
– Save as <IMEI>_<TIMESTAMP>_back.RPL
if you check this, the backup will be generated with timestamp every time you “BUS check”, else will only save first time.
– Show Detailed Info
Recommended for Advance User, This will allow to display information log in detail.
– Automaticaly select Generation on “Scan”
Correct Generation will be automaticaly selected when you Scan the phone, for example: if you have DCT4 phone connected but active generation is BB5, after you scan product generation will be set to “DCT4″(Not applicable for DEAD phone’)
– Auto create DP folder if not exist
New Folder in “Products\<PHONE_TYPE>” will be made, if not exists.
– Default FBUS Timeout
Default is 5000 ms= 5 second.
Less=Faster respond but might have problem with phone which has longer booting time(WD2/BB5)
– Highlight Market items.
Usefull for fast select product code for spesific market.
Enter whatever keyword you want, for example if you choose “EURO,UK” then ‘Market Name’ which contain word: EURO or UK will be highlighted.
~ Server
You could change here the MXKEY server host, someday when we need to change them. Default is:
~ Directory
Select “Products” folder in “Data Package 1″(Default=C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products).
Select “Data Package 2″ folder in “Data Package 2″(Default=C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia)/(Optional)
Select “Wintesla” Directory(Default=C:\Wintesla).

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