Regarding BB5 phones with NEW HASH

Here is another blablabla regarding some new BB5 phones that came with new HASH, what we can’t do and what we can.

Example: E63 – current interface UFS.


To flash this phone, you have to use another interface, such as ATF or use USB flash.

But by using UFS you still can do all service operation features,

Self Test


On other side, it is fully supported by using ATF as interface.
All flash and service operations are supported. Fully!


RPL Backup


Please PAY ATTENTION on this description:

This logs means that alternative loader that we used to repair simlock and repair super dongle is NOT AVAILABE at the moment.
Another words: MXKEY – also another third party tool, can NOT UNLOCK / REPAIR SIM LOCK / REPAIR SUPER DONGLE for NOW.
Your only solution on such phone with damaged security data is to buy RPL.

Last message

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