Phones contain ENO handling

hen you receive any phone with this condition, it’s very easy to completely repair by mxkey

Phone Type: RM-243 (Nokia 6120)
SW Version: V 07.10 15-07-09 RM-243 (c) Nokia
Imei plain: 35571202019489-1
Product Code: 0547930
ApeCoreSw: 07.10
ApeVariant: rofs_version_inforofx_version_info
ApeTest: rm243_ENO_A_2009wk15v0.100
Language Pack:
- not available.

SIMLOCK invalid!
SUPERDONGLE_KEY seems to be valid
SIMLOCK_DATA corrupted!

1. You need to backup Certificate first. NPC ONLY.
BB5 > Servie > Imei & Security – Select NPC from drop down menu.

2. You need to COMPLETELY ERASE the whole flash.
BB5 > Flash > Advanced, Get Addr, untick SAFE Erase

3. Reflash all necessary data to phone. (ENO (if needed), MCU, PPM, etc)
In this case, regarding with supported firmware for simlock rebuid, you will need to use OLDER firmware.

4. Flash MCU ONLY, same version with ENO firmware, that you flashed on first flashing

5. Next step is Certificate restore. Write back your NPC Backup.

6. REPAIR SIMLOCK - Determind first what SL level you got
– It’s SL2, so what?

> Tick PA_SL2
> Choose Repair SIMLOCK
> Tick make SIMLOCK RPL
> Click Repair SPLock


8. Now check for your Certificate by Certificate Validation Tool
BB5 > Service > Phone Test > Various > BB5 Certificate Validation

In my case, phone doesn’t has CCC and HWC, next step is:


9. Proceed with SUPER SD Auth, and write PM after it.
Load PM > Suped SD Auth

10. And the last step, you can update to the latest firmware.

All done in 10 steps.
This method also work for phone that can not be fully backuped. (cant’ safe PM, can’t local mode, blank screen, etc)


If you got phones with corrupted simlock, the main thing is you need to clean it up first. That phone’s PM is messy
The whole steps as simple as:
Backup NPC > Erase > Reflash > Restore NPC > Rebuild Simlock > Pm auth, write pm. Thats all.

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