New Function Called “reset certificate”

this is how to use new function called “reset certificate” correctly.

this is the initial condition,
st_test failed, succeeded pm auth, but do not bring solutuion.

it it recommended to test everything first or time be wasted after
run BB5 certificate validation tool, and this is the bad things

our goal is to fix ccc and hwc. so we need to erase that part first in order to get clean field. this is how to use it.
>Scan Available:
mobileEx will search any available certificate. the option will me marked automatically if the field is exist.
> Reset selected:
mobileEx will erase choosed certificate.

out of topic: Reset NPC button is now removed. So if you want to perform NPC reset, just mark NPC, and click Reset Selected.
assumed you all know about backup, so i skip to talk about it.

– tick CCC and HWC, press Erase Selected.
mobileEx is performing certificate reset on selected field

Proceed with Recover Certificate DIRECTLY!

Run BB5 Certificate Validation Tool just to see if it works

And if everything goes fine, proceed with RFBB calibration.
– mark Load RFBB from Server
– do correct auth (PMM auth for virgin phone, Super SD auth for phone with super SD repaired)
– click write when ready

All done.

for phone with dcc config, pleace check camera function,
proceed to dcc maintenance if needed.

will add some more


in order to complete our ccc and hwc database regarding certificate recovery feature,
we invite all user to do a small contribution to press this button.

it’s ok if server already has your kind certificate.
will send : ccc, hwc, varian. npc is excluded.

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