MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.7, Public-Release

v3.5 revision 1.7, Public-Release

– Nokia Tool
SL3 RSA Signature verify on “Read Hash”, sha readed by MX now is 100% valid
Disk usage info on fire.exe
file version indentification for installed data package
phone images definitions in now synched with fire tool
pinout images updated
rapido usb bootstrap causing BSOD
xgold not booting
[sl3bf], oclHashcat 00.08 speed not shown
hti drivers updated
updated sl3u to version 1.7
added: Master sp code verification on calculate cod
improved: online logger function
updated sl3bf to version 3.6
added: Master sp code verification after bf task finished
bugfix: oclHashcat-lite-0.08 with “–outfile-format=1″ problem
and minor bugs fixed
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