MXKEY v3.4 revision 1.8

What is new:

- Added, Credit Convertion Dialog on ‘Check Credit’
(you can convert for FREE your DCT4 credits and BB5 credits into SL3 credits)

- Added, XGOLD213 devices(RM-607,RM-608,RM-643,RM-644 etc)
usb flashing support (dead/alive) – FIRST IN THE WORLD

- Added, XGOLD101,XGOLD110 IMEI backup/restore

- Added, XGOLD101,XGOLD110 IMEI auto backup on safeflash

- Added, Battery voltage information during scan phone in usb mode

- Added, Use Dictionary option for GPU bruteforcer(using salt.dic as salt sequence)

- Fixed, GPU bruteforcer hang at 99% if random salt is selected

- Fixed, Phone Generation filtering

- Fixed, Error read/write bug on usb flashing process

- Improved Features compability between usb/flasher interface

- Improved Broadcomm Usb Flashing

- Automated XGOLD phone detection

- Revised XGOLD flashing protocol

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