– easy to use software ( ONE BUTTON Repair Solution with
Automatic Interface Detection – AID )

- using 3.3V TTL signals for communication ( will not damage your
HWK like other 5V datacables/solutions do !!! )

- plug and play -> using tested communication IC –
PL2303 Prolific with drivers readily available

- no need any power adaptor or power supply as it uses power
from USB port only

- flexible and good quality cables that enables you to programm
HWK in any position and not directly near the USB port You are
FREE TO MOVE unlike other products !
– easy to insert into HWK versions that have programming holes

- easy to hold using your hand or solder wires using the color
code of cables on other types of HWK for NEW models of HWK

- easy to convert to datacable, usb interface & many more
( has all the required signals placed so you make money long time using it )

- easy to program any other Texas Instruments IC’ that supports BSL protocol !

- tested ONE BY ONE by our team !

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