All NEW DCT4+ should use this unlock method – RSA

Old patching method is obsolete, it is highly recommended to use this unlock / repair method. SL remove / repair use the same way.

First, please make sure that you are on BLADE-X server that most suitable for your location.

1. Get simlock info

2. Do simlock operation

this function will NOT work on OLD DCT4/WD2/TIKU phones.
if you’re working on old DCT4, DO NOT tick ‘Direct Unlock’

3. Relock Function

Those solutions above are PERMANENT. Phone will stay on the same condition after flash.

ticked ‘direct unlock’ – mobileEx will use new routine for simlock operation.
internet connection and registered dongle needed, intended for all DCT4+ phones.

unticked ‘direct unlock’ - mobileEx will use old routine for simlock operation.
standalone, SL patching (DCT4+ old method), intended for OLD phone.

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